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Have you heard that all girls named Emily are the type of girls that need to run in your circles? Seriously!!  We are awesome.  We are funny.  We are alright.  And Emily from Emmy June {Born in May} is no exception.  Except she currently lives in Sydney, Australia - I don't.  She wins there.  She speaks her mind - and I am too afraid to.  She is full of great advice - mine is lacking.  Clearly this Emily could teach me a few lessons.  And thankfully she is here today with a very important lesson on blog etiquette. Once you're done reading this I am sure you are going to bounce out of here and immediately follow her {trust me you want to}.   With that - on to you Emily.

Hello lovers of Hope Squared.  My name is Emily {the name of the hour} and I blog over at Emmy June {born in May}.  I'm so excited that Em & Steve are honeymooning in Thailand, as I was just there, had a fabulous time, and want to compare notes!

Naturally, when Em asked me to guest post I jumped at the opportunity.  She told me I could write about whatever I wanted, so I had a lot of ideas:

Without hesitation, I decided to go with the latter.  I mean, let's face it, it's always best to start controversy on someone else's blog!

I recently did my first guest post on a blog.  As a new blogger, I was nervous to take the spotlight on a blog with new, different, and more readers than mine.  For this reason, I put a lot of effort into the post.  I wanted to make sure it was well written, perfectly formatted, and sprinkled with humor.  I sent my post over to the blogger and she told me which day it would air.

When the post finally went live, I have to admit that I was very disappointed and upset with certain things.  I felt that I took my writing very seriously, and the other blogger wasn't putting equal effort into making the guest post a success.

Then I realized, I never communicated any of my expectations to her.  So rather than be upset and talk shit, this blog post was born.

Emmy June's Guide to Guest Posting

Let me be clear up front.  I believe the goal of guest posting is for both bloggers to gain exposure and {hopefully} gain new followers.

If that's not your goal, you can stop reading here.

Based on the stated goal, bloggers should abide by the following etiquette.

Guest Etiquette
  • Create an interesting post full of compelling content, that you believe will appeal to the host's readers.
  • Never, ever recycle content for a guest post.
  • Edit, format, and double triple check your post to make sure it's perfect.
  • Include links to your own blog, and invite readers to stop by.
  • On the day, post to your own blog with a compelling hook to get your readers to follow you to the host's blog.
  • Do not post any additional content to your blog that day.  If your readers want something from you, they need to follow the link.
  • Check back at the host's blog throughout the day, as many of the comments will be directed toward you.  Answer them.
Host Etiquette
  • Clearly communicate to the Guest the date and time the post will air.
  • Proof read the guest post, double triple check it for errors, and make sure it's formatted perfectly.
  • Write a really nice introduction for your guest to make your readers excited for the post.
  • Do not post any additional content to your blog that day.  Give your guest the spotlight!
  • At the end of the guest post, encourage your readers to visit the guest's blog.
  • Pimp the hell out of the post--use Twitter and FB to drive traffic to your site.
And there you have it!  Easy, peasy...right?


p.s. Thanks Emily - let's hope I can nail your etiquette list.  Also Dear readers - If you are in need of some more blogging advice from Emmy June I highly recommend that you check out these amazing posts - because we all just want to become better bloggers right?
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  1. Great post Emily. I recently guest posted for a blogger and I was really disappointed. For some reason when she copy and pasted the code for my post into her blog, the formatting went all wonky. Instead of fixing it,she left it and it looked like I had a really weird (and annoying) style of writing. I'm talking like 20 spaces between sentences. I agree that if someone takes time to write a post for you, you should take a bit of time to make sure it looks good. Gotta go both ways :)

  2. Classic Emily haha. The etiquette guidelines for both parties are SO spot on!! It's devastating when things don't work out correctly for either side. Great advice that everyone should read! X

  3. There goes Emily, educating the masses one blogger at a time :-) Love both of you Emilys!

  4. Really good advice Emily! I'll have to have you on my blog one day soon to lay sh*t down.

  5. Oh crap. I just asked you (Emily June Born In May--and yes, that's always how I say your name in my head--I was born in June too, what's your date?) to break one of your rules when I asked to repost two of your blog posts on The Blog Tap. Crap. Crap, crap, crap. Thank you for making an exception. ;)

  6. Great post, Emily! Should be made into guest blogging rules! ;)

  7. My Blog BFF is so smart! She really needs to write an e-book!

    And of course, I adore both of you Emilys! I love the content of this post considering it IS a guest post. And I'd have to say that BOTH of you nailed all of the points that Emmy made.

    Well done, ladies! Way to rock the shit out of this guest post!

  8. @Lauren
    Lauren, that is such a bummer! It does make you feel like you wasted your time when that happens. And it's sort of embarrassing, since people might think *you're* the lazy one!

  9. @lo @ crazy ever after
    No worries, girl. I personally don't mind sharing my content in more than one place. I just think it's not fair to guest post with content that's not original. In your care though, totally different ;) And I love you. So all good.

  10. Great tips girl. You are a blogging expert. Haha. Love both these Emily's. :)

  11. you emilys are fun :) good tips!

  12. Great tips
    I will now guest post like a champ :)

  13. I've always wanted to have guest posts and be a guest poster. I have yet to actually do it though! These are great tips, thanks!

  14. I'd never thought about the one where you shouldn't post anything that day, just a post directing people towards the guest post! Duh! AND then you don't have to write a post that day- genius!

  15. This is such a great post! I'm getting ready to do my first guest post on someone else's blog so this will be great to keep in mind :)

  16. Great advice! Most of this stuff seems like common sense, but it's good to explain it. Basically, treat the guest as if they were coming over for a dinner party. You're going to send invites and spread the word, not make other plans or attend other parties that day, spend the time introducing them to everyone, and make sure they enjoy themselves. How bout send a thank you note for coming? :)

  17. Great article! I agree with everything and want to add that I like to put an ad for the guest blogger on my sidebar to thank them as well. When I guest blog, it gets tricky for me to know if it's okay for me to advertise my post announcing my guest post (on social media) or do I only share the link to the guest post?


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