Friday's Letters

This was a short week since some provinces in Canada celebrated Family day on Monday.  Short weeks that start on a Tuesday are always awesome for the sudden arrival of the weekend.  I am looking forward to hanging out with my husband and fur-friend.

Dear Steve When you refuse to participate in the mandatory selfie couple shot with me it makes me sad.  And then when I see the results - it makes me sadder.  This was the best out of all of them.  p.s.  you are not allowed to be mad that I published this picture on the Internet - it's your own fault.  You should know that every photo has blog potential. Please take this selfie shot taking business more seriously. p.s. You still look handsome though.

Dear Ontario Thanks for participating in Family Day so I could enjoy a long weekend in February with my handsome husband and some friends.  Afternoon pub crawls on a Monday is the perfect way to start the week.

Dear Readers Thanks for sticking around even after I shared with you my embarrassing excerpts from my LiveJournal.  I was really nervous about posting it.  But think I might share some more with you at a later date.  p.s. this is your heads up to take off now.  You're welcome.  p.p.s. because you're so nice - here is a picture of a cute cat in a bow tie.  You're welcome again.

Dear Postman This is your third letter.  I hope you feel important.  I realized that I already received my magazine for February.  I apologize for accusing you of borrowing itp.s.  You can borrow the March edition if you'd like to make up for the misunderstanding. 

Dear Basil You still look so cute in your bow tie.  I am so glad you aren't growing tired of it.  I know that I'm not. You wear it so proudly.  p.s.  Dear Bloggy Friends I apologize in advance for the repeated cat in bow tie pictures.  I hope you aren't growing tired of them.

Dear Honeymoon You're nearly confirmed.  Here is your tentative Thailand 15 day itinerary Bangkok --> Chiang Mai --> Chiang Rai --> Mae Hong Son --> Krabi.  I am so excited that I am even considering doing this while in Chiang Mai - in light of my fear of heights, the wilderness, and basically anything adventurous. 

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  1. "in light of my fear of heights, the wilderness, and basically anything adventurous." HAHA, totally nailed it. Me to a T.

  2. so......family day? Canada! You are on top of it, I really need to move there I think. Family day plus free healthcare?!? Yes, I need to live there.

    second, his face is HILARIOUS. my husband does the same thing with a half smile and I can never use the pictures.

    third, I kind of want to kiss your cat on the nose. SO CUTE.


  3. Oh my gosh.
    Your blog is so gosh darn cute. And I love your layout. I'm following you :)
    Anyways - cute kitty!!!
    Wait..what? Your postman is borrowing your magazines? I hope you're kidding?
    Honeymoon sounds WONDERFUL!! YAY :)

    Nice to have met ya..yay new friends :)

  4. Your honeymoon sounds AMAZING!!! Also, your family day is our president's day! Family day sounds more special...


  5. Just found you on Adventures of Newlyweds, hi!

  6. WAAAA!!! I am so jealous that you are going to THAILAND for fifteen days! For some reason Thailand is the one place in the world that I want to go more than anywhere else. I just think it soudns so amazing. I can't wait to see all of your pictures. I'll be interested to hear how much your plane tickets are. Oh I am almost going to puke with jealousy right now!

    new follower :)

  7. You HAVE TO go on that canopy adventure...HAVE TO. Really just so I can live vicariously through you when you blog about it! And I will never ever get sick of seeing Basil in a Bow tie. Haha. Happy Friday!

  8. Family Day? Um, Amurrika needs to get on that. I love it. Also, your honeymoon sounds like it's going to be amazing! I've never been to the far East, but I bet that's going to be a great trip.

  9. Yay honeymoon!!!!! I wish every Monday had afternoon pub crawls and movie trailer stalkings. I'm still looking out for Betty!

  10. My husband did THE SAME THING to me this weekend...being all fussy about taking self portraits. He knows I want the material for the blog. So I might take a page out of your book and just post them anyway...just to spite him :)

  11. LOL I love it. If you ask me there can never be enough cat in bow tie pictures ( maybe that is why my cats run when they see me coming O_o lol jk)

    Thailand sounds like so much fun, my family and I are going there in the summer and can't wait! I have a lot of friends who have been since we are so close here in Japan, and every single one of them says that it is an incredible trip. So exciting!

  12. Emily. The cat in the bow-tie is FAB! We had a smaller one on our cat until he managed to tear the bow off: http://www.pricelessadventure.com/2010/08/cat-conundrum.html

  13. hahah!! That picture with your husband is priceless :) I'm so jealous you're going to Thailand!!!! Have a wonderful time!

  14. I will never tire of Basil's bowtie - I hope he doesn't either.


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